Seeing the Beauty

Nature. Observation. Art.

Nature retreat in the Netherlands - October 15-18, 2019

Seeing the Beauty

As you walk along the quiet paths, surrounded by large trees with fallen leaves, you can feel the peace in you and around you. Occasionally, color and appearance are absorbed into your camera lens. In the evening, after a communal meal, you share in the group circle the impressions that beauty has imprinted on you. You get time and place.
When you return home, you will find calmness in your suitcases. You'll be recharged and your heart will be wide open. 
In your phone's camera there will be many moments of beauty, laughter and relaxation.
With renewed strength you will return to your daily life with practical and simple tools that will help you grow stronger when necessary.
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The Plan

A retreat to create a space that enables, cures and elevates in the spirit of "HaMacom" method – a therapeutic educational system that sees nature as a teacher of life (
During the retreat we will learn the best use of the cellphone's camera, guidance by the photographer Alon Levite (, photography in nature will serve as a means of quiet observation from the outside, refreshment and a deep encounter between us and the environment.
The stay in the forest will be worked out and expanded using the methods and techniques of "HaMacom" method.
In four days we will spend the restful nature of the Netherlands in the autumn, cook healthy food together, experience a quiet time with ourselves and each other.

Target Audience

For those who want to receive professional and personal tools of awareness, expression, enrichment, inspiration.
Striving to bring together man and nature.
For those looking for quality time of experiential learning.
To those seeking a way for themselves and their surroundings.
For those who love to study in an intimate group and receive personal attention.

The Place

The retreat will take place in a unique space of environmental art that blends in a European forest at the peak of the autumn season as part of the Kröller-Müller Museum.
We will meet the forest surrounding the environmental museum located within a vast nature reserve and the picturesque town of Otterlo.
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The Time

Chol Hamoed Sukkot.
From Tuesday, Oct. 15th  to Friday, Oct.18th, 2019
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The cost of the retreat

The payment is 965 EURO including, in addition to the retreat – full accommodations, fresh and healthy food, entrance to the museum and organized transportation.
Discount for the graduates of the annual course "Pathways of the inner garden" of "HaMacom", and to participants of the exposure meetings.
Registration fee: 175 EURO, which will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
Joining requires a personal meeting to coordinate expectations.

Exposure meetings

A meeting of live experience with the content of the retreat, getting to know the instructors and receiving full details. Free of charge, with pre-registration.
11.7.19, Thursday, in the Tivon area.
17.7.19, Wednesday, in Tel Aviv.
24.7.19, Wednesday, in Jerusalem.
We will be happy to tell you more about the retreat. For more information call:
Inbal: +972-54-4454824
Eden: +972-54-4360022

The staff

The retreat is the product of a family collaboration between Alon - the photographer of "HaMacom" method,
Eden - Graduated from the annual course "Pathways of the Inner Garden" and the "Mareh Macom" training course.
And Inbal - creator the method.
We bring to the retreat the warmth and simple sense of homeliness that we experience on our family daily life.

(Inbal Levite (Kahurangi

Creator of "HaMacom" method (2005) for healing cooperation with nature. Wrote the book "The Wisdom of Plants" after a 13-year study of the spiritual properties of the native plants of Israel. Weaving in her work her Jewish and Israeli identity with indigenous knowledge of ancient and tribal cultures. In 1990 she was accepted to a Maori tribe in New Zealand and since then has been going through continuous initiation in healing the weave of man and earth.

Alon Levite

A human nature and landscape photographer with over 30 years of experience in commercial and artistic photography in Israel and abroad. Winner of the International Photography Competition "Outstanding photographers of the millennium". He has been filming for leading magazines in the field of nature and hiking, in the field of design and life-style. The owner of the "Levite - Shorer company of filming from the air.​

Eden Levite

Producer and activist Event producer who connects community - art - politics in Jerusalem. An activist in the field of education and entrepreneurship. She is a graduate of LEAD Leadership Development and the "Beit Yisrael" pre-military program in Jerusalem. Provides the ground for creating change.


We will be happy to tell you more about the retreat.

For more information call:
Inbal: +972-54-4454824
Eden: +972-​54-4360022

We can call you back as well:


Some of our moments at Kröller-Müller

Sample Day

Morning routine

– Start of day guided meditation.

– Shared breakfast.

– Practical experience in the main tool of "HaMacom" method for creating inner peace, in nature.

Sharing circle.

 – An active workshop on the wisdom and use of plants.

Practice day at the museum

– traveling to the museum.

Opening circle in nature.

– Learning about optimal use of the cellphone's camera.

– Going to the forest surrounding the museum and practice the observation.

– Back to the group circle and professional references.

– Connection to the principles of "HaMacom" method. Deepening the connection between nature, art and observation.

– Summary of the stay in the forest.

Evening Gathering

-Going back to the huts.

-Organization and rest.

– A warm and luxurious dinner.

– Quiet time for personal observation.

– Group summary for sharing and processing the tools purchased during the day.